Administrative organization
Office of School Affairs
Supervisory Division
Department of organization
Department of Publicity
Department of United Front Work
Department of Students Work
Labor Union
Office of Communist Youth League
School Affairs Office
Office of Human Resources
Office of Educational Administration
Office of Science and Technology
Office of Students Affairs
Office of Admission & Employment
Office of Financial Affairs
Office of Audit
Office of Security
Office of State Assets Management
Office of Logistic Service
Office of Retirement Affairs
Office of International Exchanges and Cooperation  
Office of Development and Planning
Office of Infrastructure Construction
Office of Laboratory Management  
Internet Center
Journal Department
Office of Higher Education
Center of Apartment Administration
Center of Food Service

Academic Departments
School of Mechanical Engineering
School of Electrical Engineering
School of Civil Engineering
School of Software Engineering School of Electronic Information Engineering School of Materials Engineering

School of Automotive Engineering
School of Economics and Management
School of Art and Design
School of Humanities and Social Science, School of Foreign Languages
Center of Fundamental Subjects
Center of Physical Education
Center of Engineering Training
School of Continuing Education

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